“Applying these words in my daily life has shown me the lies of the conditioning and programming I have received all throughout my life, which has set me free to speak the truth of that now with no attachment to concepts as knowedge.” R.S, Reiki Master, Virginia.


"I loved the book. It is amazing that when in desperation of needed change … something happens that changes everything. Rigid honesty is what the 12 step program calls it, truth is what you call it.” James L, Drug Counselor, Tennessee.


"This book answers many of the problems I had with anxiety and depression which was ruling my everyday life. I allow a simple thought to turn into such a nightmare and it is the foundation of an anxiety attack and depression. When the ‘thinking is thinking me’ syndrome that Edward points to was ‘caught,’ all that rubbish fell away. Reading this book was like defragging my brain." Mike, Tasmania


Editorial Reviews Amazon.com:
"A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source is a hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet."

The Distinction of Feelings and Emotion

By Marilyn Meadors

The distinction of feelings and emotion by Edward has probably caused more dissention than just about anything he says. He remains adamant about that distinction.   If anger can arise in you, then you are angry. It is a feeling that is felt in the body. The root is there.   Our true . . . → Read More: The Distinction of Feelings and Emotion

In A New Consciousness Truth Is Spoken

by: Edward Jones & Marilyn Meadors

 As children, we seem to be intelligent. We’re able to speak the truth about what we see. We’re able to see the world as it actually is. Of course, as we see it as it is, we begin to check-out of it. As the horrors of the world . . . → Read More: In A New Consciousness Truth Is Spoken

A new consciousness

A new consciousness and a totally new morality are necessary to bring about a radical change in the present culture and social structure. This is obvious, yet the Left and the Right and the revolutionary seem to disregard it. Any dogma, any formula, any ideology is part of the old consciousness; they are the . . . → Read More: A new consciousness

From the Book A New Consciousness Born

Sometimes your mind really does need to stop what it is

doing so it can hear properly — especially if you are about

to hear something at odds with your beliefs, your


When I suggest speaking the truth, it has to start with

yourself. The first truth you need to speak is that . . . → Read More: From the Book A New Consciousness Born

Relationships Are Perfect in the New Consciousness

I am a relationship coach for individuals or groups. That means I assist people with mastering the psychology of self. In order to have a great relationship with another, we need to first perfect our relationship with ourselves. It is possible to bring forth a perfected relationship with our spouses, partners, children, parents, and . . . → Read More: Relationships Are Perfect in the New Consciousness