“Applying these words in my daily life has shown me the lies of the conditioning and programming I have received all throughout my life, which has set me free to speak the truth of that now with no attachment to concepts as knowedge.” R.S, Reiki Master, Virginia.


"I loved the book. It is amazing that when in desperation of needed change … something happens that changes everything. Rigid honesty is what the 12 step program calls it, truth is what you call it.” James L, Drug Counselor, Tennessee.


"This book answers many of the problems I had with anxiety and depression which was ruling my everyday life. I allow a simple thought to turn into such a nightmare and it is the foundation of an anxiety attack and depression. When the ‘thinking is thinking me’ syndrome that Edward points to was ‘caught,’ all that rubbish fell away. Reading this book was like defragging my brain." Mike, Tasmania


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"A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source is a hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet."

A New Consciousness: The Birth of Love

A New Consciousness: The Birth of Love

Do you realize there is no love on this planet?   Do you realize that is good news?  For where something does not exist, therein lies the possibility of it being manifested. When we look at the action of the people on this earth, we can plainly see the action is not of love. It is the action of control and violence. Violence and Love cannot occupy the same space.  If we truly loved ourselves and our children, we would not have the kind of world we now have. We would not strive to fit into a violent society. We would transform our world into a society fit to live in.          

When I say “there is no love on this planet,” an argument or disagreement usually ensues in which it is stated there is love, but that I cannot see it.  I say it is the other way around:  There is no love on this planet, and the person who disagrees cannot see it. For the possibility of love to manifest on the planet, we have to first see that what we now call love is not Love. It is the mirror image of love.

The word love is used in this world as a means of expressing desire.  When we say we love another person, it means that we desire for them to be close to us.  We express that desire by making ourselves into the desire of the other person.  We do nice things.  We buy flowers.  We protect them.  We encourage them.  We make ourselves desired by those we desire, and this is how we express what is called love on this planet.  This is not love. It is a mirror image of love.

By making ourselves something to be desired by the other person, we invent a mirror image of actual love.  I call it the mirror image because it is an act that we put on that is somewhat similar to the actions of a person who actually experiences love.  Actual love, however, is a vastly different action than love as we have come to understand it.

Actual love requires nothing.  All of love’s actions come from the action of seeing.  There are no rules to love, and it cannot be gained or given.  Love occurs when the truth is seen about what you actually are.

Love means that a person sees the complete nature of the world.  From love, we can see that the entirety of being is singular, and that consciousness is also singular.  Love means you see that every other person is you.  There are not separate beings, but a single being that is living many lives.  Love means that when any person suffers, it is actually you who is suffering.  Love means that it is not some other person. It means that other person is you.  Perhaps the other, which is also you, does not or will not see that, or even recognize the possibility, but that does alter the fact that we are all one.

For those who do not see this, consider for a moment what might happen if you were to realize, and actually see clearly, that every other person on the entire planet is you living in a kind of alternate reality?  You can see that, but for the most part the others, who are also you, cannot seem to see that at all.  Seeing that you are the other is love.

The work of the world right now is simply to get the entire planet to see itself clearly.  The work is to bring all of the lives of the human being to see that they are all one being, living billions of lives.  When it’s YOU that is being the others, then what you do and how you treat them is radically altered. War ends. Greed ends. Competition ends.  Love means the absence of violence.   

Everything that is now called love is actually the mirror image of love.  All selfish actions are therefore selfless in the presence of actual love. If you save yourself in order to save another, that is selfless. If you save yourself just to save yourself, that is selfish. Every moment that a person insists that there is love on this planet is a moment longer that love is lost.

A new consciousness will fix the mistakes of selfishness, and love can manifest on the planet.

If you would like to learn more about your possibility for Transformation or bringing forth a New Consciousness, perhaps visit my website: A New Consciousness Born. Edward Jones, New Consciousness Coach and Author.
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