“Applying these words in my daily life has shown me the lies of the conditioning and programming I have received all throughout my life, which has set me free to speak the truth of that now with no attachment to concepts as knowedge.” R.S, Reiki Master, Virginia.


"I loved the book. It is amazing that when in desperation of needed change … something happens that changes everything. Rigid honesty is what the 12 step program calls it, truth is what you call it.” James L, Drug Counselor, Tennessee.


"This book answers many of the problems I had with anxiety and depression which was ruling my everyday life. I allow a simple thought to turn into such a nightmare and it is the foundation of an anxiety attack and depression. When the ‘thinking is thinking me’ syndrome that Edward points to was ‘caught,’ all that rubbish fell away. Reading this book was like defragging my brain." Mike, Tasmania


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"A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source is a hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet."

Conversation About Trust and the Unknown Part 2

Conversation About Trust and the Unknown Part 2

 E: What is the manner in which I discover anything I don’t know?

 Q: You say that you don’t know.

 E: I say that I don’t know. However, when I say, “I don’t know,” what do I mean?

 Q: You’re going to find out?

 E: No . . .

 Q: I don’t know?

 E: Yes! It means I don’t know, then the words I don’t know open a space for you to go into. What is that space?

 Q: I don’t know?

 E: Well that’s the wrong answer this time. The space of. . .

 Q: I don’t know?

E: Which is?

 Q: The space of knowing?

 E: Go real slow.

 Q: The space of emptiness?

 E: Yes, emptiness. Which you could also call?

 Q: Nothingness.

E: Which you could also call the unknown. But you have to go really slow here given it actually asked to be. 

 Q: I didn’t get the right answer in that one at all, did I?

 E: That leaves you in the domain of stupid!

Q: Can we go back?

E: OK. So when you don’t know something, and you say you don’t know, then what’s the first requisite? What are you after? It actually has to be what?

 Q: I don’t know.

 E: That you don’t know. If that is the case, then what does it do?

 Q:  It puts you in the unknown.

 E: It opens this space, which you could call the unknown. Now, moving ever so slowly, where is every answer that you or this world is looking for? Where is the answer to it?

 Q: We think it’s in our head, or a book, but it’s actually in the unknown.

 E: Exactly. To use Krishnamurti’s words, he would say everything comes from the negative, from what isn’t. I don’t think he ever used the word unknown, but he might have.

 Q: So what isn’t, simply means the unknown?

 E: Exactly, because it simply means what isn’t here. So if it isn’t here, what do we know about it?

 Q: It’s unknown.

 E: It’s unknown; we don’t know anything about it.

 Q: But when I see that, when I actually see I don’t know and say that I don’t know,  a door opens, and I see this huge empty space.

 E: Alright, let’s just erase that huge empty space because that’s your imagination; that’s what you already know about the unknown, and that isn’t it.

 Q: Well that’s the sense I got of it when I went in there.

 E: OK, that’s fine. Let’s go back to that place where you had that vision of this huge empty thing.

 Q: I was in there, and there was nothing there but emptiness.

 E: No, there was this huge empty thing. That’s something. So that’s still not the end now. It’s your imagination of what the unknown would be if you went there. You would think it’s just this great big empty thing.

 Q: You drew a picture of that for me.

 E: Who drew the picture?

 Q: You talked about it and I drew it. I’m an artist.

E: Well there you go. So erase the picture of this huge thing called the unknown. What does that leave you?

 Q: Nothing.

E: Nothing – just the unknown.

 Q: Nothing; that’s dark. But then the other place where I had. . .

 E: It was illuminated! And how did we know it was illuminated? Because you could see this great big place! The only way you can see a great big place is if there’s illumination.

 Q: And when there’s nothing, there’s darkness?

 E: What is the unknown?

Q: I guess it is darkness.

 E: Darkness, yes. There’s nothing there. So what could it be, other than. . . so the unknown is actually, (I’ve never said this before. I’ve never even had the place where it fit to say it), but the unknown is actually death. It is the space of death. And in that space of death, what can be known?

 Q: Nothing.

 E: Nothing. There’s a huge activity here, though, that has almost never happened to a human being. And that activity is the ability to live from death, from the unknown. You get it?

 Q: Living from death simply means living from the unknown. But if there’s darkness and nothing there . . .

 E: That’s where the secret to the whole thing is—the secret to life, if you will. It is the ability, if you’re alive at your death, to bring forth that which you need to know.

If you would like to learn more about your possibility for Transformation or bringing forth a New Consciousness, perhaps visit my website: A New Consciousness Born. Edward Jones, New Consciousness Coach and Author.
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