Edward Jones is a Transformational Life and Relationship Coach who has devoted the last thirty years of his life reaching out to people who are seriously considering the options before them. He has spoken to thousands of people from around the world about “Self-Transformation” and the possibility of life without violence. He passes along his message via in-person Workshops, Radio Programs and Interviews, Videos, and an Internet Discussion room, and now in his book, A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source.

Will we transform our lives, or will we self-destruct is the question that we need to ask of ourselves.

In his new book, A New Consciousness Born – You are the Source , Edward points to a manner in which we can transform our lives and manifest a new consciousness on Earth.

 In 1979, Edward Jones experienced what he calls a ‘death experience.’ 
Edward distinguishes his experience from a near death experience in that it was a complete death in which he was born new at the end of it.  There was no thought that recalled a bright light or a spiritual glimpse into an after life. 

 Edward wrote of this experience in 1996 and then contacted Dr. William G. Roll at the suggestion of Dr. Kenneth Ring, retired professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Connecticut, who had previously read his account of the experience. Dr. Roll is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, attended Oxford University where he did research in parapsychology, and now resides in Georgia where he owns Parapsychological Institute Services.

In 1997, Edward traveled to Georgia where he met with Dr. Roll at his home.  After reading the account, Dr. Roll began editing the work and suggested that Edward write about what led up to his death experience in 1979. Edward already knew what death was like; he had come close a few times in his life.

 Edward had his first encounter with death was at his birth.

He was born into a family who did not care to have him.  He was neglected to the point of near death. After his birth he was left in a bassinet for so long that the bottom of it was rotten when his neighbor finally called the police.  That neighbor had watched my mother leave each day with my older sister and be gone all day.  The constant crying is what caused her to take an action.  Edward was then taken to live with his grandparents for the next two years, and was cared for by his twelve year old niece, whose job it was to keep medicine on his blisters and sores.

Edward’s second look at death happened in a house across the street. 

He was playing a game of ‘hide and go seek’ and to hide he climbed through a window covered by three pieces of wood, one on the inside and two on the outside of the window.  His foot caught between them causing him to fall head first against a concrete wall. He remarked about this, “It looked to me as though the wall was coming at me rather than me falling towards it.  When I awoke I was bleeding and upside down.” 

His third experience of closeness to death was the result of a fight with five boys in the next block. 

He was beaten and left on the ground for about two hours before he was found and taken to the hospital. He was given a 50/50 chance of living.  For about five days Edward lived at the doorway to death with bronchitis, while the doctors were treating him (and almost operated on him) for a kidney infection. It was just before they were to operate that another doctor diagnosed bronchitis rather than a kidney infection. With the assistance of penicillin he was cured. These first three experiences all happened before the age of six.

The importance of these first three experiences is that he had a clear view of what death and near death look like, and can recognize either at a glance.  He had already learned what this world he had entered was and what to expect.  He was abandoned at birth, which told him he was not loved, He had almost died while playing a game , which told him games were no fun.  He had discovered what fighting was, and did not care to fight.

The above are the things that had a profound impact on his life, leading up to my death at the age of thirty six.

 Here is his account (in his own words) of that event in 1979:

When I returned home, I first sent my son, Troy, to his friend’s house about five doors away, and told him, “Do not come back into the house until I come to get you.” I had experienced this facing of death many times
by then and knew what was coming, and this time I was ready.”

“I lay down on my bed and began to scream at the top of my lungs; this lasted for about ten minutes, and I became silent. Then, I mentally went to the place of anger and pulled it up at the roots, Next, I went to the place of hate and pulled hate out at the roots. Violence came next, and I went right to the very birth place of violence, and with all of my strength, I pulled violence out. I then went to the place of love and pulled until it came out. I learned in that instant that the love that I thought was love was not love. It was a thought-invented image of love! At that point “all hell broke loose”.

 “This began an action which had 100% positive energy (the act of telling the truth) and 100% negative energy (being a complete failure). When that complete negative energy came together with the complete positive energy, an electrical charge went through my mind and body. My body was convulsing, shaking violently all over, it was like getting hit by lightning except the lightning stayed inside of me. I do not know how long the current of electricity stayed in my body that day, but I do know that this was an experience like nothing I had ever known or heard of before. It was a complete death of a consciousness and person. At the end of that four hours I was indeed dead and was born anew.”

 This event was brought forth by him seeing his complete failure in every domain of activity available to him. He had failed as a business person, having made and lost several million dollars running franchised restaurants. He had failed in his family life as divorce tore his marriage apart and strongly affected his son. In every area of life he saw his failure: as a husband, as a man, as a father, as a son, as an employer.

Out of this complete failure, Edward Jones was able to see the truth about himself and the world.

The impact was so intense it caused psychological death. What emerged was something completely new — a human being living in the truth without hiding himself and his failures. His old life had been filled with lies and identifications, but in the open space he gave birth to himself anew. This was not rebirth or being “born again”. This was a new human being without the training and conditioning — a new life lived from intelligence rather than knowledge. He sees and speaks of a world void of violence and suffering, and assists others in seeing this within themselves and the world.

Edward has never read any books or had any interest in anything “paranormal”, spiritual, new age, or any sort of belief or religion.  At the time of the experience, Edward did not know what had happened to him.

From this experience he was permanently and irrevocably altered, utterly different from what he had been before.

The change was so complete, so profound, that afterward Edward could only say that he had died.

Out of that death, a new consciousness was born.

Edward’s former life of misery was now one of exquisite vibrancy.

 Pain lost its sting; fear no longer ruled his life. Death itself was robbed of its fascination. Every moment unfolded its potential as a wellspring of delight. It seemed that mere words could not possibly convey what had happened, yet in the ensuing decades he has tirelessly attempted to describe that which cannot be described and explain that which cannot be explained.

Edward has devoted the last thirty years of his life reaching out to people who are seriously considering the options before them. He has spoken to thousands of people from around the world about “Self Transformation” and the possibility of life without violence. He passes along his message via in-person Workshops, Radio Programs and Interviews, Videos, and an Internet Discussion room, and now in this book, A New Consciousness, You are the Source. Edward has hosted his own Radio Program on both Phantom Radio and Phaze Radio. He has been interviewed numerous times, including recently on “The People Speak” Radio and “Talking Purpose” and “Never Not Here Radio”. 

In a world amply stocked with slick gurus and pundits, Edward’s earthy style does not mark him as a likely candidate for a wise man. He shrugs off suggestions that he might be called a teacher. He can and does make mistakes, although, unlike many of us, it causes him no grief to admit error and then move in a different direction. The discoveries he made in order to transform a life of pain and failure are available in this book written in simple American vernacular, not veiled in difficult Ancient beliefs with foreign words and phrases.

His book is available in soft cover as well as ebook format. Order your copy of A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source,  today.