“Applying these words in my daily life has shown me the lies of the conditioning and programming I have received all throughout my life, which has set me free to speak the truth of that now with no attachment to concepts as knowedge.” R.S, Reiki Master, Virginia.


"I loved the book. It is amazing that when in desperation of needed change … something happens that changes everything. Rigid honesty is what the 12 step program calls it, truth is what you call it.” James L, Drug Counselor, Tennessee.


"This book answers many of the problems I had with anxiety and depression which was ruling my everyday life. I allow a simple thought to turn into such a nightmare and it is the foundation of an anxiety attack and depression. When the ‘thinking is thinking me’ syndrome that Edward points to was ‘caught,’ all that rubbish fell away. Reading this book was like defragging my brain." Mike, Tasmania


Editorial Reviews Amazon.com:
"A New Consciousness Born, You are the Source is a hard-hitting, non-fiction book which addresses every aspect of our lives; it shows us the manner in which we are trapped in our thinking processes. The book is transcribed from live conversations with Phillip LeRoy and others. With this book’s formatting, you can be drawn into and become part of the conversation. The new consciousness that Edward speaks of is violence free, and he takes a step-by-step, simple approach that points to what we can do to bring forth peace into our lives and onto the planet."

The Death of a Mind: Self Transformation

At 9:00 AM on November 19, 1979, I knew nothing. Four hours later, I was the universe.

I had what I now call self transformation. At age 36, I had failed at everything I had done in my life. I’d had about 40 jobs at which I either got fired or quit. I was now in trouble with my present business enterprises of three KFC franchises. I had just put my wife on a plane to go see her future husband. My life as I knew it was about to take a dramatic new direction, one I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams.
Coming back from the airport to drop off my wife, I turned on the radio, and the song Another One Bites the Dust came blaring loudly over the car’s speakers. I suddenly saw what I had seen before when I came close to death.

Since my birth in 1943, I had come close to experiencing death four times, and I knew what it looked like. It was “nothingness.” The darkness of death had come over me so strongly that by the time I arrived back home, I knew it was coming. This time I was ready for it. I came into the house, lay on the bed, and said something like, “OK, bring it on.” I didn’t care if I lived or died. I surrendered myself to what I considered was the ending of my life, and it was the ending of my life – my life as I knew it. What happened next was truly extraordinary.

I was drawn into the depths of myself where I had anger stored, and I pulled as hard as I could, and up came anger. Next, I did the same with jealousy, and so on until I came to love, and I pulled that out by the root. It was there I discovered that what we call “love” is not love at all, but some convoluted idea of love. When that realization came to me, all the energy of the universe hit me. Life and death met, sending an electrical charge through this being that caused the death of the old Edward Jones. There, from the ashes of the old Edward, the new was born.

It is from this place of “new” I now live and speak. It is the place of a new consciousness, something that has not been before. It is an evolution in our consciousness shifting us from the destructiveness of violence, greed, sorrow, and suffering into the first evolution ever of human consciousness.

This new consciousness begins with speaking the simple truth, speaking truth of self with yourself. There is nothing to learn about it, for it must be experienced in order to be. It is a new way of living. This new consciousness needs to continue to flourish and grow if our species is to survive on this planet. It is here. It is what we have been waiting since the beginning of time.

If you would like to learn more about your possibility for Transformation or bringing forth a New Consciousness, perhaps visit my website: A New Consciousness Born. Edward Jones, New Consciousness Coach and Author.
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