ONLINE / Paltalk

Edward Jones is available most weekday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30 (Central USA TimeZone)** online on

You can view the room, listen with us, and view the text from the room here. If you care to have a discussion with Edward  you can join the room directly from here (see below for further information on joining the room via paltalk)

**Here is an easy timezone converter you can use to get the time in your location.  Use U.S.A./ Arkansas / Little Rock as the “from” location:

If you care to download Paltalk  go to: and click <download>.

Once you have created your account, Add EdwardJones (no space) to your “pal-list”.

When his name appears on your list, if he is online it will be highlighted.

The name of his room will appear.

Just click on the room link to go directly to his room.