A New Consciousness and YOU Workshop

Edward Jones will be facilitating a new inter-active intense workshop designed around YOU.  He will show you what it is you can do to create a new consciousness for yourself and for the world. This workshop is for everyone, beginner as well as advanced “seeker” (person looking for answers to end the pain, suffering and violence of this world).

Workshop information:

Date: October 30th 2010

**Time: 10am – 3pm  CST (with 1 hour break for lunch). **See below to find out the time in your location.

Place:  Alma Arkansas 
OPTIONAL :  if you cannot make it there, it will be live online as well.

There are three options for participation of this workshop:

Level One: In person in Alma Arkansas. This is the best option available for your personal (and universal) transformation. Since my own personal transformation I have had the ability of seeing your personal issues / situation, and can assist you in seeing them for yourself. For only $100 (USA) you will get the most valuable (priceless) experience of your life.

 Level Two: Interactive Online participation. This is the second best option, as you will not have to travel away from your home, yet you will be able to hear, see and participate in the workshop as if you were there (an “internet/computer” microphone is needed for you to talk with me during the workshop).  For only $25 (USA) you will get the option to interact and participate in this life transforming workshop.

Level Three: Online live audio feed. This is the third option. You will not be able to speak during the workshop,  but you will be able to listen in live. This is a free option, which will allow you to listen with what is going on as if you were right there.

For levels one and two please go to:  A New Consciousness and YOU Workshop to sign up and pay.

For level three, please contact Edward Jones directly to register:

 To sign up for this life Transforming workshop please go to: WORSKHOP SIGN UP

If you have any questions please contact Edward Jones

Edward Jones is a New Consciousness Coach, Workshop leader, Speaker, Author and the Creator of Self-Transformation and a New Consciousness.  In 1979 Edward had a spontaneous transformation which altered his life completely. He later came to call the happening self-transformation. He considers that he died completely and was born anew of himself, bringing forth a new consciousness. Since that occurrence over 30 years ago at age 36, he has been speaking with people from around the world about the possibility of living a life without any violence included; thereby, bringing forth peace on earth.   

Edward has devoted the last thirty years of his life reaching out to people who are seriously considering the options before them. He has spoken to thousands of people from around the world about “Self Transformation” and the possibility of life without violence. He passes along his message via in-person Workshops, Radio Programs and Interviews, Videos, and an Internet Discussion room, and now in this book, A New Consciousness, You are the Source.  

**  here is a timezone converter you can use to find the exact time it will be for your location. Please use: U.S.A / Arkansas/Little Rock  as the time zone for the workshop: